Learning Python 1 – Strategy

How to learn Python?

 Trying to learn a computer programming language can be an intimidating prospect for anyone especially those with no background in software engineering or computer science.

Naturally, the first choice would be to enroll in a computer science program at your university of choice but for many, this is not a viable option. Assuming, like me, you have to fit learning Python around an already busy schedule of work and home then an alternative approach is required. The good news is that there is a huge amount of material available online that can be accessed when it fits your schedule.

The approach that seems to be working for me is to combine several different learning sources. None of the sources by themselves is enough but when you combine them and supplement gaps in one with research in another the approach is very effective. The four learning sources are:

  • Paid online training
  • Free online tutorials
  • Books
  • Practical Projects


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